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We make films and TV drama. We’re drawn to distinctive, amusing and thought-provoking content. Since it started, DDCF has worked hard to earn its place as one of the most exciting and respected production companies. Writers and directors work with DDCF because we know how to support creative people and deliver visionary films and television dramas. Basically, when our audience is being intelligently entertained, then we’re happy.


DDCF's international ambitions are supported by our partner and collaborators from around the world. DDCF’s mission is to do everything with providing a distinctive window on the world. Our business is telling stories; funny stories, serious stories, but always deeply human stories, and always with heart.


mını tv-serıes

The Siege of Kut al-Amara in World War One in 1916 is an important episode of the war between the superpower and the weakest power. It is an example of the everlasting struggle between the wild face of imperialism and colonialism and the weak right owners who were protected by the shield of unity, and they were able to defeat the most powerful empire of the world at that time, The surrender of approximately 13,000 British-Indian soldiers after 147 days of siege was the worst surrender in the history of the British army, and this battle has been deliberately omitted from their history books, this unexpected victory was a shock to the oppressed who had lost hope of a free life, this film provides an accurate analysis of this battle to be an example for all current generations that only unity and ignoring the sectarian differences can make miracles on the mutiny against injustice.



mını tv-serıes

It is a first real-time story on TV-Series in Turkey. The mission will complete in 13 chapter and in a day. Stars are Mahir Günşiray, İpek Tuzcuoğlu, Levent Ülgen, Emre Karayel and many great artists and actress.




First time in History, in the Ramadan of 2008, we produced 30 Quran Movies for 30 verses in Quran. All these films were made with the highest cinema technology, the first and the last in 35 mm pellicle for Quran Verses with the aid of revolutionary techniques and style. In our decade, a new term; screen-age is being used instead to define teenage. In such era, we are aware that the main idea should offer a new and modern approach for the young generation allowing them to read Quran easily and directing them to the Sacred Book.


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